The History

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Like a warm and intense embrace, the scent of coffee envelops those who come into the shop. An aroma that tells a story of passion and tradition, ancient wisdom and new knowledge. Founded in the late forties, the coffee shop has maintained, unaltered, the activity of coffee roasting, exquisitely handcrafted and always more rare to find, characterizing the life of the shop as a rite of another era, offering excellent coffee blends and unique arabica varieties that you can enjoy at the counter or that can get to treat yourself or the perfect idea for a gift. Another highlight of Hodeidah is "The Garden of The", a fascinating world where you can find more than one hundred varieties of coffees, alongside a fine selection of biscuits, jams and candies. Finally you can't help being tempted to treat yourself to a chocolate or to a chocolate bar, choosing among the wide selection, from classic recipes to more original and sophisticated flavors.