From the bean to the cup

Set up in 1946 and considered one of the best historical shops in Milan,
Hodeidah maintains the modest and sober elegance of
the old coffee roasters that you can no longer find in town.

Hodeidah Coffee

Many varieties coming from cultivations all over the world, toasted in the shop to obtain unmistakeable blends, without forgetting the individual Arabica plantations: a luxury to choose amongst Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Jamaica Blue Mountain and the very valuable Indonesia Kopy Luwak.

The Tea Garden

A selection of another 100 types of bulk tea, ranging from refined white teas like Yin Zhen to the classical blends, from Indian and Chinese black teas to green or semi-fermented ones or even highly aromatic infusions. Hodeidah Tea Garden knows how to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The Chocolate

At Hodeidah's you can find refined toasted cocoa beans, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, ginger dices and strips or candied fruit coated with chocolate.

Our Sweets

Premium gourmet products: biscuits, compotes, jams and marmalades, candied fruit.
All carefully selected by Hodeidah.

Season's New Items

Hodeidah features specialities linked to the various seasons.

For Azul Onlus

When coffee is really good ...
Every 200g pack of African Arabica coffee or a chocolate bar you buy, 1 Euro is donated to Azul Onlus to build a nursery in the village of Chibote.